Some very frustrated London commuter clearly decided one morning that he had enough of the stressful underground experience so left his high-pressured 9-5 stock market job to change the world for the better. And that my good friends is the story of how the Northern Line London Underground Tube Tent was born, or at least the story that we like to imagine the most.

Shattering all perceptions of the London Underground, the Northern Line London Underground Tube Tent proves once and for all that riding the underground really can be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Based on the carriages from the Northern Line (our favourite tube line here at Genie Gadgets), this quite astounding tent is quite literally the perfect shelter for a whole host of occasions, from festivals and parties to peaceful weekend camping trips away from the hectic London Lifestyle.

With the capability to hold up to 72 people at any one time, or sleep 20 adults, this beautifully unique product is sure to provide you with an in tents experience (ey, see what we done there, no?).

Probably shouldn’t be relied upon to get you to work for 9am.

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