Airgo Solus Horizon 4 Inflatable Family Tent

An inflatable tunnel tent for four that takes hardly any time to pitch. Ideal for weekends away with family and friends.

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Hi Gear Airgo Solus tents are inflatable, post free tents with individual expansion focuses on every Air Tube. It’s an amazingly fast contributing framework that outcomes a durable, unbending tent that still has enough “give” to adapt to solid wind (premium Airgo tents have a solitary expansion point for all tubes, making for a much snappier ‘all in one’ setting up portable shelter). Airgo Solus tents additionally utilize a lighter flysheet material than premium Airgo tents.

The Airgo Solus Horizon 4 Tent has a straightforward passage format with an extensive room, a substantial living region and huge windows to give it an ample vibe and let light in.

Pre-connected iridescent guylines help you to keep the tent stable in breezy conditions, and stay obvious in low light (particularly on a swarmed campground).

There are increases to the Horizon 4 accessible, to make your camp much more agreeable. The Horizon 4 Carpet will make it feel all the more unattractive by including underneath delicate quality and warmth, and the Horizon 4 Footprint will protect and ensure the floor (and make setting up the portable shelter significantly less demanding).

Accompanies Airgo pump, steel tent pegs, guyropes appended

Standing tallness, open patio/enchant – enough space for a table and seats

Perfect for couples, celebrations, end of the week outdoors